Travelogue is part of SPACE, a platform dedicated to support the performing arts circulation in Europe. Within this mobility project (2008-2011) Travelogue undertakes an experimental research in linking and sharing data on international performing arts touring that are collected by institutions all over Europe. This website consists of a final report with the steps taken during the project and a first analysis of the available data, a prototype where you can browse through all the data and a toolkit for organizations wanting to collaborate in sharing their data on a European level.

Travelogue documentation

The Travelogue documentation


The report

The Travelogue documentation

The Travelogue Atlas

The travelogue poster front and back


Country profiles

Sheds light on the import/export pattern of a country.

City map with hotspots

shows how intense cities host internationally touring European productions.

Country map

shows how intense countries host internationally touring European productions.



Data model documentation

outlines the motivation for the Travelogue data model and explains the model to IT professionals.

Implementation documentation

explains how to publish your own database on the Semantic Web in such a way that the SPACE network is able to interpret your data in order to process and combine it with other data from multiple sources.